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Old 16-12-09, 03:58 AM
edstorey edstorey is offline
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Default Burned Badges

In 1974 my family had just returned from three years in Germany and while we were in Ottawa visiting family when we got word that the warehouse containing all of our furniture and effects had burned down a few days prior to our arrival. My Father had a pretty extensive badge and insignia collection that had been stored in a metal filing cabinet which was recovered from the building. All of the cloth as well as the plastic badges were destoyed in the fire and the metal insignia was in a charred heap in the bottom of each drawer. He dumped everything into a wooden box were is sat for nearly a decade when he gave it all to me (he nearly sold it all several times). I replaced much of the cloth and restored or replaced the metal insignia, here is an example of what an average recovered badge looked like. In this case I purchased a RCAC replacement as in the early 1980s, they were inexpensive.

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Old 16-12-09, 05:20 AM
jim a jim a is offline
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Having a fire can be a real disaster for the collector... I don't know what the rest of the fellows out there do but I take lots of pictures of what I have with my digital camera. I store that chip at a different location. You have an idea of what you have for insurance purposes... all my better badges I keep in a fireproof box that iI bought at Staples... they also sell small letter size fireboxes that actually can hold quite a few badges for a real good price... last 2 I bought were $29 each. Am curious what others have to say on this point... thanks for getting this thread started.. Jim
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Old 16-12-09, 11:00 AM
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I do have my collection insured, but two thirds of it would be hard to replace at short notice!

I have my whole collection photographed Front & Back, not just for insurance purposes but to share info with fellow collectors as well. I store it online with Diino
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