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Old 10-12-22, 04:27 PM
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Default WW1 veteran interview

This is one of the better interviews of a series I found on youtube.
I find it unimaginable that people could go through such experiences. Our Grandpas were mighty tough characters.
Fact is, soldiers nowadays have it pretty darn good in comparison.
"We seldom learn the true want of what we have till it is discovered that we can have no more." Sam. Johnson
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Old 10-12-22, 10:28 PM
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I like the one with Cecil Arthur Lewis describing being in his plane over the lines and seeing artillery shells reach the peak of their trajectory and start back down again.

Must’ve been a very odd sight and more than a bit unnerving.
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Old 10-12-22, 10:52 PM
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Back in the '90s I had the honor to interviews six WW1 veterans, and heard some fascinating stories. One gentleman who was 102 I think, told me about being in an artillery battery, and how they hated the American 3 inch gun, but were thrilled when they were replaced by French quick firing 75s. He also told me about gas attacks, and other camp life stuff. As we finished hte interview I asked if I might have his autograph, and he said, "I'm happy to, but you'll have to help me because I'm blind."! Never realized it the entire time I was talking to him.

Another veteran served on one of the railway guns and shared some interesting stories.

I also wrote to Cecil Lewis back in the '90s and he signed a picture for me and my copy of his book.

All were wonderful gentlemen!

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