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Old 29-03-19, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by ebro View Post
I do not know if it was the case for all Ex/banned members, before they were banned, some albums could only be visited ifyou were a forum friend of the owner. As they are now banned they do not have forum friends, therefore no one can access these albums. This is my understanding of the situation.
Originally Posted by Phil2M View Post
This makes good sense
Soundly logical. Not a conslusion I had reached.

But it still doesn't explain why these albums remain in existence if nobody is permitted to see them. If they were designated as 'private' prior to the owner's ban, then why keep them on ice. Why not delete them altogether?

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Old 31-03-19, 06:53 PM
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What happens if or when that "banded" individual decides or is allowed back into the forum ???

(By deleting the images, it could be seen as vandalism on behalf of the administrator)

They are actually entitled to have their images back, surely.

I have my images saved in 4 areas;
1. Computer
2. External HD
3. Memory Stick
4. Here on the Forum

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