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Old 25-09-08, 05:27 PM
ukbrits ukbrits is offline
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Default Staybrite Caernarvon & Denbighshire badges

Hi Guys,
Here's one for the staybrite collectors in the forum. I have 2 Anodised aluminium badges to the said Regt both are different! As can hopefully be seen in the piccys, picture 1 & 2 is a staybrite badge made by J.R Gaunt London it is a similar pattern to Gaylor's plate 33D. I believe this to be the genuine item. Pictures 3 & 4 are a different style of badge were the "Ich Dien" scrolls appear well detatched from the the bottom title scroll.As one forum member said on another thread it looks like a Wiltshire Yeo badge with a scroll added on underneath.My Personal feeling is that the badge depicted in pics 3 & 4 is a reject a/a badge for the C & D Yeo - the gold colour is poor and also overlaps on to the plumes.It also has a blank slider which suggests to me it was likely to have been never issued. I prefer to look at this item as a reject rather than an all too readily used term "fake anodised".
I would like to think when Firmin took over Gaunt in Birmingham all previously rejected badges in the store rooms would have been sold off , hence all the mistakes and odd variations that turn up.
I think any currently produced "fake anodised" are so poorly made they wouldn't fool even a novice collector.
Do any other members in the forum have any other C & D Yeo staybrites similar to the ones shown or any opinions on authenticity of their badges.
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Old 25-09-08, 06:02 PM
Peter Brydon's Avatar
Peter Brydon Peter Brydon is offline
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Cant comment on the individual badges, but the only Caernarvonshire and Denbighshire Yeomanry badge I ever owned was well and truly scratched as one might expect from an old used anodised badge.

The point of my post is that if you look at Edwards " Regimental Badges", first edition,of which I have a copy of the 1972 reprint, the badge is shown as having "C &D Yeo" on the scroll and not the full title ( see picture ) I wonder if a lot of other respected authors was wrong in his line drawn illustration ?

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Interested in all aspects of militaria/military history but especially insignia and history of non regular units with a Liverpool connection

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Old 26-09-08, 09:13 AM
41st's Avatar
41st 41st is offline
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Location: Cardiff, Wales
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I have an example matching yours as shown in 3&4.
Mine is pristine and I have always been suspicious of it. I know that other Welsh collectors have the C&D examples with the Gaunt mark on the slider and believe this to be the genuine one.
With regard to Edwards, his drawn images leave a lot to be desired and he has used a lot of abbreviations where none actually existed.

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Old 26-09-08, 10:05 AM
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Mike H Mike H is offline
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hi Guys,believe it or not i raised this point with hagwalther in the last 7 days.Ive had limited internet access at the moment so i am a bit behind.I was waiting for a picture of the rear of the 1 badge before i passed comment.My initial thought was that 1 was a recent fake,until i saw the back of both badges.The points raised in the thread are the same as i mentioned.The unit existed for 6 years or so,i wouldnt have thought that the badge was mass produced.Its quiet possible that 1 is a reject batch.
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Old 26-09-08, 11:25 AM
hagwalther's Avatar
hagwalther hagwalther is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
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The Gaunt looks good to me (remember I'm no expert here just trying to record it all and make some sense of it all).

Now with the second. Has the scroll part been added to the badge?

The blank slider looks like a few I have seen lately too.

With regard to the scroll part - this looks like a separate piece added via pins to a scroll 'backing plate'. Is this correct and if so, could the same badge be reused for other units but with a different scroll?

Coming back to sliders. I am of the opinion that they were added BEFORE attachement to the badge body as it would be easier to do this rather than after - Am I right here?


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