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Old 22-01-21, 06:24 PM
Westernhighlander Westernhighlander is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: New Jersey
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Default Kangol beret construction question

I read the excellent post/article on WW2 berets (thank you, very helpful).

I have a question regarding the stitching of the liner, specifically as it pertains to the "3rd" row of loose tacking described in the article.

I have seen what appear to be
WW2 berets, made by Kangol, matching in every detail the manufacturing of a ww2 beret, with the exception of the "3rd row of loose tacking". It is often not present or missing.

Can someone comment on this?
Would the absence of the third row of loose tacking suggest a fake or replaced liner?
Is it not uncommon to find berets missing the loose tacking?

Looking forward to your reply,
Thanks in advance,
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Old 23-01-21, 02:21 AM
tcrown tcrown is offline
Join Date: Apr 2017
Location: Canada
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Mike, it is an interesting question. Steve, the author of the article would have an answer for you.
I had a look at my small collection of ww2 berets and one out of four doesn’t have the loose tacking line that you mention and is a Kangol. It looks like it was never there in the first place. I have also a Supak which has the line, so not a Kangol thing. I’m not sure you can conclude any conclusion on authenticity just on this feature.
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