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Old 28-05-19, 03:02 AM
DDEV DDEV is offline
Join Date: Mar 2019
Location: Northern Ontario
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Default Coldstream and Suffolk Badge Authenticity

Looking for opinions on these badges.

This Coldstream Guards badge has a dot in the middle of the belt buckle and in grenadierguardsman’s Coldstream album there is a badge with the dot in the middle of the buckle, but the back of my badge is very different like the double dots on the belt and the lettering seems less well defined. Doesn’t bode well.

The Suffolk badge has quite a curve to it.
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Old 28-05-19, 05:35 AM
Alex Rice Alex Rice is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
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I think they are both fine.
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Old 28-05-19, 06:43 AM
Hawthorn's Avatar
Hawthorn Hawthorn is offline
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Coldstream cap star looks good to me.

Second To None
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Old 28-05-19, 07:51 AM
Sonofacqms's Avatar
Sonofacqms Sonofacqms is offline
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Default Suffolk Regt

A nice example, curved to fit snugly on the cap.

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Old 28-05-19, 10:33 AM
Neibelungen Neibelungen is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 239

It's been double struck.
Usually you find if the first strike didn't emboss the detail well enough or was too light a strike, then the badge would have been restruck to redefine the detail.
The double effect is from a slight misalignment from either repositioning or the male part shifted between the two strikes.

You often see the effect when a press is being set up and testing strikes for alignment. The bottom die holders have and x and y adjustment and you adjust a screw or bolt down to alter alignment. Occasionally these shift in use if not tight enough. Top dies are usually rigidly fixed to the ram.

These later designs are hydraulic compression rather than embossing, so the metal is slightly thicker and squeezed down rather than earlier drop presses which tend to emboss by pushing the metal both up and down rather than compressing it to conform.
You have less depth and thicker metal than victorian designs but the machines run a lot faster and more consistently. Drop presses tend to need multiple strikes with anealing between to get the depth.
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Old 28-05-19, 12:42 PM
High Wood's Avatar
High Wood High Wood is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
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I think both badges are fine and I particularly like the Suffolk Regiment badge with its sweat holes and crimped slider.
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