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I have two of your OMF badge (one with a "half moon" clip, the other with a pin back, which I assume was for a woman to wear). I'd been told that they were WW1 period and had assumed this from the size of the badge. Both made by Gaunt.

There are two WW1 Australian badges for civilian staff (one h/m silver, the other enameled (black/white rectangle patch for AIF HQ?) and also h/m silver). Both of these badges turn up on eBay from time to time but seem to have a hefty price tag and stay listed for some time as a result.

Also have seen an "NZ/ War Service" badge that is clearly inspired by the "NZ/ Onward" badge as it has the classic fernleaves, NZ in centre and "WAR SERVICE" in base scroll. Black enamel filled.

Again a pin back badge but not silver from what I can remember.
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