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Originally Posted by Mike_2817 View Post
The /|\ Arrow mark denoted anything Government Property and when with W/|\D mainly the Army.

BOD = Board of Ordnance (till 1855)
WD stands for War Department = Army (or War Office from 1856)
Admiralty = Royal Navy (Also supplied by Board of Ordnance and later Admiralty Board from 1855)
Air Ministry = Royal Air Force (from 1918)
came together as Ministry of Defence (MoD from 1964)
Was not the Army Council in charge of the Army
It is basically about supply and the different services had separate responsibilities all answerable to the War Office or WD previously the Board of Ordnance now the MoD who were/are themselves answerable to the Treasury
I try my best not to use Wikipedia as it is a bit erroneous

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