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Holly Dooley! I'm sure that everyone agrees that you've done very well to amass those. Clearly, those are all scarce items and it is great to see that:
(a) they have been gathered up and preserved; and
(b) the information on their existence has been shared.
I make the last point, because it is easier to find items when they are known to exist (typically because they have been 'seen' before). What's the old Army Instructors' expression '... If you don't know where you are going, then any road will take you there son!'

Now that even the most experienced forum members will undoubtedly have seen a screen-printed or hand-stitched title or two that they had not seen before... I think that the odds are better that more of those titles will be found. The hardest specimens to find amongst the dross that we all sort through, are always going to be 'the exceptions to the rule'... i.e. the first of a type that each of us has personally seen.

What a great result for collectors and for the preservation of military history alike.

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