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Originally Posted by Darrell View Post
Hi Bryan

Anyways, Ontario and Quebec certainly hold a place in our naval history as the largest ships we've had (barring carriers). Pete, wasn't the maple leaf on the funnel an Atlantic escorts "thing" and not navy-wide? (*Edit- I see a single green leaf on the funnel was to be RCN-wide as of September 1944!)

I may increase to instances that I pick up random RCN cap tallys!!

A great source for photos:


Don't forget HMCS AURORA, the more modern(than Rainbow or Niobe) Light Cruiser that replaced both of those older ships in 1920. She was the RCN's only other Cruiser.

She was formerly HMS Aurora & launched in 1913 & commissioned in Sept 1914, seeing action at the Battle of Dogger bank in 1915 & service throughout the Great War.

She was gifted to Canada in March 1920 , commissioned in Nov, but unfortunately had a very brief RCN career, being decommissioned the following year ain Aug fater only one cruise.

I have medals of RN ratings that came over with her & elected to remain in the RCN.


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