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Originally Posted by Jibba Jabba View Post
Does anyone on the forum have sufficient knowledge to create a brief Lovat Scouts Shoulder title time line for the Second World War? Or at least help me correct what I have below with additions.

Thank you.

1941 (Faroe Islands) - Large Brass "LS" (As seen Imperial War Museum photographs)

27/3/1943 Sealed Pattern - Curved, red background, white letters (printed)

July 1944 (Italy) - Curved, black background with crude white stitching for letters.

? Economy pattern printed on black rectangle.

? Embroidered white letters on black felt rectangle.

? Embroidered white letters on purple felt rectangle.
If anyone has that information, could they include from formation up to WWII?

(sorry to encroach on your thread Jibba Jabba.)

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