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Originally Posted by ukbrits View Post

In my experience there are variations on a theme, eg The Royal Green Jackets had an a/a badge with a slider & lugs so did the Coldstream & Grenadier Guards, Queens own Mercian Yeomanry, Royal Scots Greys & Royal Armoured Corps.... I'm sure if I had the time I could name a few more!
I have the RGJ in black and silver with lugs. The Mercian Yeomanry with lugs is described by the IWM as for being for the side hat. There was one that i hadnt come across which was the Gloucestershire Hussars . Oddly,the slider version was described as for the side hat and the lugged as the cap badge. Yet you only see the slidered version.
The Grenadier and Coldstream were late patterns by London Badge. Id read that the reason they were lugged was that the Guards felt the slidered badges moved in the cap/beret.
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