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Thanks to Mike V who pointed out a 'Buy It Now' 2008 Pin @ 20 (Postage Free) I also now have a complete set. Well done Mike for getting your at such a good price. I also think mine was a fair price as well, but would still pick up a spare at the right price.

I know I have surplus dated pins from 2010 onwards in the office plus 'Poppy Appeal' special sets and some undated examples which are returns from shops & poppy sellers after each poppy appeal, which I am now mounting examples onto a cork board for sale during this years appeal.

Mike, stand by for a e-mail re missing variation examples in my collection. I know I want a small stud poppy for a friends collection, and I have a 2018 'Overseas' Poppy example for you.
Sua Tela Tonanti

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