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Hello Khyber,speaking from personnal experience I can say that you still can find those badges that you are looking will be a lot easier if you live in France or,if you have a contact with a french friend.
Remember also that France being a colonial state had a lot units fighting for her.Most of the unit that may interest you will be from the post war era when France sent a lot of her troops in Indo-China (1946 to 1954) and to Algeria (1954 to 1962).
A lot of those units' badges are from aesily available to outright impossible to get since some units where created in Indo-China and served only in that theatre of operation.Also,
those badges will get you in competition with french collectors and there are a lot of them interested in the colonial troops......From experience you can still find original badges in some militarial show,as frar as I know there no copies made.Beware though that some french units were still active in the post colonial era in the french army.
Finally, I can suggests that if available in your area to buy Militaria Magazine or find old issues that have something to do with colonial troops (mainly those early issues).
Also I can suggests to you to get a good idea of how much a badge cost,check with INSIGNES MILITAIRE LAVOCAT just google the name it will come up then go to the catalogue.A bit difficult to find something but go the second page at the bottom you will find a list of the units listed by categories.

In any case,if you need help,please contact me by pm.

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