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Post B, continued from post A. 1) I have personally dug Civilian and Military buttons dating from the late 1700s and have been amazed at the finish of some of them after being in the ground for so long, from plain “Britannia Metal” buttons that look almost new to sometimes the very poor quality pewter buttons that threaten to flake apart unless handled very gently. 2) I have a number of post 1900s Canadian Artillery buttons that look as if they were retrieved from a dump and in some cases have a faint dimpled appearance not unlike the button referred to above. Some of these buttons are identical on the front but the back is devoid of any maker’s mark. My final remarks would be that (a) The lack of a maker’s mark, and failing documented evidence is not definitive as to say it is fake or repro. (B) The construction method of this type of button would be nigh impossible unless one had access to ALL the tools as used in the original manufacturer’s workshops.. (c) The button in question seems to be very well made, ( I love the clarity of the crown) (d) If it is a repro, why have we not seen tens or hundreds of them? Thus are the ramblings of an “Old Fart”. D.J.
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