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Originally Posted by Artynut View Post
For Bill A. (Moderator) I have just spent some considerable time responding to Button Magpie’s post. I then clicked on “Review Post”, prior to “Posting” it, only to be told that I was NOT logged in, (and I KNOW I was!) and POOF! Away went all my hard work!. After I tried to log in twice, I was finally in again, but nowhere can I find my proposed post! So BILL A., is there a time limit one has to complete a post in once started. And secondly, where did my draft go? And to Button Magpie, failing a reply from Bill A., I will compose a letter again possibly this evening. Regards, David J.
Hi David,
There is a time-out. After being told you were logged out, you could have tried the Back button in your browser. If the text is there, copy it to notepad, or similar. Then log in using another tab of your browser. With cookies valid again, you may try posting the original message.
Once you lose that session, e.g. logging in on the same tab or closing your browser, then your draft is cleared from your browser's memory.

For messages taking a long time, either post fast to the server and edit, or write your message in a text editor and copy-past it into the message.

And: "And secondly, where did my draft go?"
Your draft was in your browser, on your machine. As you never posted it, it never reached the server.

The reason for the time-out:
While you are logged on you have been allocated memory on the server. The server does not know if you are typing text into your browser or if you have closed the browser without logging off from the forum. After a certain time of inactivity it frees its memory. If it would not do this, it would come to a standstill: out of memory, no one able to access the forum.

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