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Thanks for that very cool.

I also just realized that in my book Into the Maelstrom
I included the quote from the 1st Canadian Parachute Training Battalion WD Part II Orders dated 1 May 1945 which states ,"...Personnel attached will continue to wear shoulder titles of the Corps they are attached, ie RCOC, RCAPC, etc. The only exception to this will be that officers of the S.S. Bn. may wear crossed arrows as a hat badge until 1CPBn officers cap badges become available." This then clarifies that in May 1945 Officers from the 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion / 1st Special Service Force transferred to the Training Battalion did not have access to officers badges and a new supply had to be ordered. This would also explain why there are photos of ex 1st SSF in Britain and Germany at that time only wearing the maroon beret with no badge. The only known officers badge in the hands of an ex. 1st SSF officer is that of Lt. Col. Ralph Becket and his was acquired before this date. Therefore we do not know what these badges expected in May 1945 looked like. THIS IS IMPORTANT EVIDENCE!

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Here is the link to Pte Moneypenny who purchased an officer's cap badge for his walking-out dress. I have encountered a couple of these situations now.
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