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The MOD has been no longer ordering a/a badges for a few years. Various regts have been created recently and they have ordered badge in improved metals. The PWRR have gone for a Bronzed badge while others have gone for gilt, silvered metal or enamel badges. Other regts have changed their designs and used that change to introduce a better quality badge. for example the QLR introduced a new design in 2003 and the RLC issued a new badge (same pattern but improved metals) to coincide with their 10 year anniversary.

To muddy the waters further some regts do not wear the issued a/a badges but buy them privately and the soldiers buy their own from the Regtl PRI shop. This is particularly prevelent in the cavalry and parachute regiments but is not unheard of eleswhere.

All existing regtl badges will be in future made in improved metals but existing a/a stocks will be used up first. These are now beginning to filter through and you saw several infantry badges with the new badges shortly before they amalgamated and got a new design anyway.

All the new regts created in the last round of amalgamations have improved metal badges. There are no plans (in the public arena anyway) for any more amlgamations.


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