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Originally Posted by lettman View Post
Was the a/a version of the Berkshires cap badge issued in time for the regular battalion to wear it before amalgamation in 1958? K&K give no sealed date for it.
Hi Lettmann,

Are we taking about the Royal Berkshire Regiment?

If so, a standard pattern card exists with a date of 16 May 1966.

However, to confuse matters, the badge is also recorded in a document called:

Yeomanry Regiments in Order of Precedence All with individual Regimental patterns of Dress, Badges and Buttons, Metal Shoulder Titles

This undated document is held in Kew between two others with the first dated 10th August 1961 and the second dated 15th November 1961.

Within it it states that the badge was authorised to the 4th/5th Battalion.


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