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There is the common assumption that the cap badges changed upon amalgamation. This is not true. There was a strong feeling among some that the mergers would be undone.

So some regiments were disbanded and the men sent to other regiments and then a short period later men were posted again to form the 4th (generally junior) squadron in the new regiment.

There is no hard fast rule but it seems that some regiments continued to wear the old pattern cap badges for some years: whether this was both designs or just the senior regiments badge is still unclear for many regiments. By the late 20's it seems that the finality of the mergers had been accepted and some new designs were sealed for new pattern badges for the whole regiment. Often this accompanied by a new title. I have been unable to find any dates for when the junior sqn badges ceased to be worn but we do have the sealed pattern dates for some of the new badges.

So in the 3rd Carbineers case this was 1929.

So in answer to your question this design was in use as an officer's badge probably up to 1928/9.

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