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This not a Special Forces Unit per-say, what they the MOD have done is: Disband after only 16 years of service, 1 SCOTS (Royal Scots Borderers) The Royal Regiment of Scotland and all their joint history and insignia.

There was once what was known as the 'Golden Thread' a link between The Royal Scots and The King's Own Scottish Borderers, who were amalgamated to form 1SCOTS (Royal Scots Borderers) a joint 373 years of service to the Crown with both having never in their joint history been amalgamated before, but now it is all gone, the cap badge may as well have been a Parrot rather than some modern Third Reich looking badge.

They were then reformed on 30 November 2021 as 1st Battalion The Ranger Regiment (ironically it was not lost on us Scots it was on St Andrews Day of all days), they are one of four in this Special Operations Brigade and expected to operate, with allies to counter extremists and hostile states.

PS: Please note it is 'The Ranger Battalion' and not Rangers this is a football team and they are not soldiers.

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