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Originally Posted by Peter Brydon View Post
Still a few more Liverpool VTC badges ( that I know about ) that I am looking for but you never know what you will find as long as you keep looking.

Found an old auction listing for a "City of Liverpool Volunteer Guard" badge (Charliedog has one in his album) that included some info :

A book of press cuttings in the Liverpool Record Office shows that there were numerous units or subunits by 1915:Civic Service League , Home Defence League , Athletes Volunteer Force , National Volunteer Reserve [with companies at Dingle and Aigburth] , National Defence League , Leyfield Grange Drill Club (West Derby) , Cotton Exchange Corps , Postoffice Drill Club ,Revenue Officials’ Club , Tramway Corps , Corporation Officials Corps , Kirkdale Home Defence Corps Special Constables [to be allowed to transfer] , Wavertree Patriotic Rifle Club .Membership varied between 60 and 700, the total quoted was 2500. It is likely that most of these were short-lived.

British Legion/Royal British Legion , Poppy/Remembrance/Commemorative.

Poppy and British Legion Wanted
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