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JP and Bill:
Thank you for the input. It is too bad this post card photo isn't clearer. I did wonder about the 90th Winnipeg Rifles with the deeper band on the bottom of the banner to accommodate the 90th Winnipeg Rifles wording. That said the banner does appear to be a constant thickness from left to right in the photos. I do like the picture that JP posted. In my collection I have 8 cap badges to this unit and they are all different. The really nice ones that are in a deep bronze, nicely blackened and or sterling silver do not have an overlay on the banner. The other ones that are also nice do have an overlay. In my experience the "with overlay" ones are slightly more common. I guess all that to say the badges from the 8th came from many sources and were produced in a lot of different finishes. I do wonder if the common thinking of "overlay = officer" might not apply in all of the badges with this unit.
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