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The WRNS badge is, as previously stated, for a Motor Transport Driver and replaced the previous badge (MT within a star, also previously mentioned) in 1952. From 1952 to 1971, the central design was used for Leading Wrens and below; from 1971 onwards it was used for Chief Petty Officer Wrens and below. Your badge is the basic badge used for personnel below able rate. The design continued to be used after the disbandment of the WRNS, and was issued in red on blue, Gold on blue and blue on white, certainly up to 1988. It is mentioned in BR81, 1984 Edition, Change 5 - Dec 1986, and had not been amended out by Change 7 in 1988. In RAF speak, Change = Amendment List (AL). It is not shown in BR81, 1999 Edition. Regarding the shape, it would have been issued as a tombstone shape with the vocab number attached, forming a top right corner, your badge has been trimmed at some time. Quite often, Wren recipients shaped their badges then used blanket stitching around the edge prior to them being attached to uniforms.

The NAAFI brooch was worn on the brown and orange work attire by female NAAFI staff in bars, restaurants and shops; the eagle being specific for staff on RAF stations.
They were still worn in the 1980s but became obsolete when NAAFI change their logo.
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