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Originally Posted by Brian Conyngham View Post
Found this picture of a long serving gunner with ABW service, possibly taken in WW1? Note universal SA Issue cap badge instead of the SA gun badge, and very shinny collar badges.

What I found interesting in this picture was the weaved lanyard. This pattern of weave was still in use 70 years later in the SADF, during the so called "Border War". I can recall many of the troops in the 1970's and 80's wearing these lanyards woven from their standard issue green nylon utility cord (if I recall correctly, it was 16 feet long?). Named along the lines of " soldier cord nylon green utility" where they came up with these descriptions who knows?

Hi Brian,
Taking a look at old posts and I believe this may be an Engineer and not gunner. Those collar badges are what the SAEC(railways) wore in Europe WWI. Gunners wore the small flamed grenade at the time along with a gun cap badge (either SAFA or SAHA)

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