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Default 1937 French Parachute Section badge -- good?

Hello all,

I recently obtained a French "Section de Parachutistes" (Parachutist Section) badge, and I'd appreciate opinions regarding its authenticity from Forum members who specialize in French insignia.

The original badges were made in 1937 by Mourgeon for the first French parachute school established at Avignon-Pujaut, where volunteers for the 601st and 602nd "Compagnie d'Infanterie l'Air" (Air Infantry Company) were trained.

The badge was reproduced in 1970 by M. Richard, but there are slight differences on the front of the two versions. Additionally, a fellow collector who has handled a couple of the Richard reproductions tells me they have the "Mourgeon Paris" postwar hallmark on the back of the badge (thanks Scott). I've compared the photos on page 5 of the book "French Parachutist Brevets" by Lafleur and Pugh of the original 1937 badge (no. A-30) and the Richard reproduction (A-31), and the badge in hand looks like it may be an original, as far as I can surmise.

Whether good news or bad, I'd appreciate an expert opinion on this one.

Best regards,
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Always looking for authentic badges from WW2 parachute & special units

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