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Default British Parachute Regiment Beret Dated 1967.

Picked up at East Lane Market, SE London around 1969/70-ish ( a magical place with Del Boy types lugging bulging suitcases of knocked off gear as they gave it legs to escape and evade the constabulary, cure all sarsparella sellers spieling like snake oil sellers, little old men in flat hats covertly selling feral kittens hidden under their flasher macs - and big cardboard boxes of mixed, uniform removed British army cloth formation signs going for 6d/2 1/2p each.

In one of the boxes was this Para beret, a very cheap buy for pennies.

The badge is a J R GAUNt B'HAM with full length slider but with the end of the slider kinked to wedge it very tightly in its sleeve.
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