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Hi Don:
I think the originals were probably OK but the damage/flaws were created in the process of re-creating the dies that then went on to stamp the copies. Any flaw in the duplicated die would therefore appear in the final copies. It can be seen in the motto pics of both the copper and '67 replicas, that there were fine connection contacts at multiple points that held or aligned the pieces during the casting or stamping process of the front and back segments of this two piece badge. Note the tip of the leaf stem and the bottom of the motto (where the scroll was nipped off). In particular, note in my "Motto- 1967 replica" badge, the connection piece from the tip of the leaf stem to the motto is still intact in the background of this picture. My guess this that that is just a finishing error on this particular badge.

I would think that the dies must have be made of a stronger material than copper, some sort of brass or hardened steel, thus this copper badge is an intermediary in the process, or an early stage sample to test quality and fitting of the production copies. A lot of finishing would be required after the badge is cast (or stamped) to clean up the void in the crown, remove the connection points, finish the edges, polish, etc.

Anybody out there from the Mint who can expound on this?
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