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Default Unusual Canadian Air Force (CAF) circa 1920 cap badge

Iím not sure what to make of this cap badge. It was manufactured in two pieces; front and back stampings, held together by three bent wires. Both stampings appear to be copper. It appears to be in the style of the ďType 2Ē (2nd issue with motto) Field cap badge and measures 2.215 inches in height, as does the regular Officers Field cap badge from this era.
It is most unusual in that it is missing the CAF overlay and the hole through the center of the maple leaf where it would normally be mounted, isnít present. The crown is in the style of a CAF Officerís crown with the potentially larger void to allow the red silk underlay to be present but this crown is unvoided. The front and back segments fit very well together as can be seen from the side pictures in the 4th attachment below.
The quality of the front impression lacks some fine detail and is rather poor and spotty on the motto section of the front of this badge but the crown, maple leaf and wings appear to be the same die pattern as the production field cap badges from this series. In hand, it has the look and feel of an old item, not any modern reproduction or duplicate.
I know nothing about the process of die stamping but I might speculate that this badge was a sample production example used to check the impression and fitting of the two segments. It might well be a one-off example.

Comments, discussion and thoughts are most welcome.
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