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Originally Posted by chaudiere1944 View Post
Regarding these Blue Flashed Chaudière Helmets...I am engaged in a spirited debate on the linked Forum which I rarely visit and have made 6 total posts (5 on this topic).

I have been called 'stupid' and 'ignorant' by the owner of the Helmet. Maybe I should have ignored the guy who posted and instead focused on the Hockey Playoffs...but I could not let the spread of this false Helmet go without addressing it.

By the way...thanks Clive for chiming in!

And in the spirit of contributing to this attachment is a little something I picked up last year and am very honoured to have added to my growing collection for the Chaudière. It is a Coloured Field Service Cap to an Other Ranks Chaudière...these are extremely rare/scarce and I was fortunate to snag it.

Mike Kennelly
And his stupid helmet was still hung on a fencepost and used for target practice. If that is shrapnel damage, I'll eat an um, ah, extra croissante! Wishful thinking, and bluster and insults instead of informed debate never do make my day.
David S.
The fog of war should not extend into writing about war.
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