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Leicester formally became a "City" in April 1919. However, it would seem that the title had been used informally by some prior to that time.

The first four helmet plates on the left hand side of the first photo bear Queen Victoria's Crown which would date them prior to 1902 or thereabout. The fifth helmet plate on the right "208" which has on it the King's Crown is Edwardian.

The belt clasp and cape chain were worn during the Victoria's reign and into Edward's.

Senior Officers during that period wore a bullion wire badge consisting of the "wyvern" or "shield" within a wreath with Crown above.

There is no real significance between the wording on the helmet plates (Police versus Borough Police). Such variations were usually at the whim of the Chief Constable of the day with the approval of the Watch Committee. That said, in Leicester's case it can be an indication of the age of the badge.

If you are not already in possession of a copy, I recommend buying the book "Peelers to Pandas" (An illustrated History of the Leicester City Police") by Ben Beazley, Published in 2001. An excellent book full of period photos. There are usually several copies on eBay.


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