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Originally Posted by Chacal View Post
Hi Tony

Somewhere I have a cutting from Soldier showing the Army Depot Police (Cyprus), unfortunately I'm still unpacking after a house move last year so cannot currently lay hands on it (and couldn't scan it anyway at present), but when it comes to light I'll send a scan.

There are some photos of the Security Force Police here (plus the SBA Police in another album):

When I was up the mountain in 1979-80 we had RAF Police Auxiliaries on the camp gate, are they no longer used in Cyprus?

All the best


Cheers Graham, that's great, really interesting and look forward to the scans when you're finally unpacked (last time I moved it took best part of 4 years!)

RAF Police Auxiliaries? I don't know, I was in Cyprus in the 90's but didn't go up to the RAF stations up in the mountains so never got to see!

Best regards

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