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Originally Posted by Artynut View Post
I wonder if anyone can help? Perhaps 54Bty (Mark). I have a pagri flash brass title .... 14 over CORUNNA over IVF. I am guessing IVF maybe 4th Fld Regt. But would like more proof. Anyone? Best regards D.J.
I'm not sure that you didn't mean to start a seperate thread ?
14th (Corunna) Battery was part of 4th Field Brigade. It wasn't awarded the 'Corunna' title until 1937 so your badge must presumably date to this period ? The name was changed to 17th Corunna Battery and 4th Field Brigade is now 26th Regiment RA. There is more detail on a brief history online here:
and there are some interesting photos on Flikr here but no clear pagri badge!

Hope this helps
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