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Default Mystery Canadian Badge by Birks-Ellis

Hello all,

This badge was included in a sizable lot of militaria and despite considerable searching online, and in my reference library, I'm completely stumped.

It's about collar badge size, needle pin. Fire gilt and silver, riveted construction is very similar to Canadian officers' badges of Second World War and earlier.

The Tudor crown and wreath give it a military appearance, but the crest in the centre doesn't fit with any military organisation I'm familiar with, including all the various OTCs and Cadet organisations. I haven't found a match with a Canadian school, college or university as yet but the motto "Science at Home" suggests an education connection, perhaps.

The centre crest appears to depict a capital "S", a shield with crossed hammers or mallets of some sort and further detail in the middle. Below is the numeral "42"

Anyone familiar with this badge?

Really curious to know as I'm usually fairly good and ID'ing things I come across.


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