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Hi Garry

I cant answer your question right away, I will have to go through back issues of the regimental magazine Vedette and look for photos of the band wearing the plate. However there cant have been many made as they are hard to get, I once saw one that had been flattened and attached to a board on a UK dealers list which I didn't buy, I finally got one here in Aussie a couple of years ago from an auction down the country near Geelong.

However I believe the plates were worn up to the 1993 amalgamation (at least), I know that from this amalgamation the Lance Guard was turned out in all 4 full dress uniforms of the 17th, 21st,16th and 5th Lancers regiments.

Watch this space, but also the man to ask is Mac McConnell who served in the 17/21st and Queens Royal Lancers.


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