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Originally Posted by badgecollector View Post
hi ellis
i hope you didnt pay to much for the frames of badges this badge came from.
i know the collection and i would say the majority are restrikes.
i did contact the auction house and advised them but they chose to ignore me. i did actually mention this particular badge as one example, saying the price attached to it was certainly misleading.
if your concerned with any you purchased please show some pics on this forum
Hi, I'll do that. I convinced the auction house that overall they are not worth much more than $10 each so I think the price I paid was reasonable given the size of the collection. I know there are quite a number of restrikes but there are quite a few potential originals (based only on the age patina). I'll be photographing the lot over the weekend and ones I think are originals I will post for an opinion. I appreciate your knowledge about these.


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