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Originally Posted by dubaiguy View Post
In some separate email correspondence I was having with Forum member hagwalther (Chris Marsh) prior to the commencement of this thread he'd pointed out the very same thing as Bess & Thomas - that the slider was not original to the badge. I trust Chris doesn't mind me repeating his comment.

Interestingly the badge was originally placed on ebay by Endici at GBP7.99 before it was withdrawn and resubmitted at GBP350. I have no personal issue with that, but an interesting bid run to GBP475 nonetheless.

Quite right Mark.

The Dorsetshire regiment with the scroll 'DORSETSHIRE' is certainly not a fantasy piece and it is always best to know what one is commenting on before making such statements. A good book may help.

As Mark states. The badge body and slider are from two different pieces which is pretty obvious if one knows anything about the manufacture of A/A badges. Again, a good book may help.

To sell for 475 GBP for an item cobbled together from two different sources, is to me, quite nuts. I would value this item at around 5 GBP.



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