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Hi All,

Just received mine, purchased from a reputable dealer (via ebay) a couple of days ago and whilst i am certain that it is genuine, it has a couple of noticeable differences from those already shown.

It is Buttons Ltd and the mark is quite clear although the slider has been cut down. The differences - the tips of the star at the crown are not tips but are parallel with the base of the badge making it look more like the Scottish saltire. In addition there is no void above the gun chain....

In many other ways it matches the Buttons items already shown for instance on the rear view photo you can quite easily see the vertical mould mark at the base of the star on the right which points out at the 2 o clock position. (hope i have described that well enough for you to see what i am getting at)

Although its different i'm sure as i say that's its genuine and i am happy to add it to my ever growing collection of Buttons Ltd AA cap badges.

Any comments welcome

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