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Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Very much looking forward to receiving my copy in due course. You have done a great service to the collecting community over the years you have researched this magnum opus. The trips you have made, hours of research you have spent, collating, sifting, organising and checking content have at last come close to fruition.
The books will prove a fantastic investment for the serious collector/researcher and from the pages I have seen break much new ground. I have no doubt your work will potentially save many collectors from hundreds of pounds of pitfalls - helping keep us on the straight and narrow, and more than paying the price of purchase. It is a book we can not afford to miss.
Congratulations on your mammoth effort, and thanks again.
Could not have put it better my self , these books will become ` land mark` publications for many years to come ..... oh come the day they arrive in my hands a warm fire , a bottle of Irish an a comfy chair - cant come soon enough !
kind regards, Michael

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