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I thought I'd share this with you. My Mum has reached that age where she's decided to "declutter" her house and every time we visit she gives things away.
Last week she said "why don't you take your Grandmother's locket - you like military things " - the last bit left me somewhat bemused - the silver locket with a picture of my grandmother had always been on show in her cabinet amongst various other bits and pieces and other photos. - It was only when she took it out and gave it to me did I realise that it wasn't a locket , but my Grandfather's ID bracelet - it had been in that cabinet for at least 50 years - how had I missed it? I knew my Grandfather but was too young to have asked him all the things that I would love to know now. I've tried to trace his actual battery - but all of the records were lost in WW2. Thanks to kind members on this forum - I've been able to make an educated guess that it was 41st Battery, 42nd Brigade ( this "guess" was based on the death of Henry James Charman - who had a service number 70295 and was recorded to be in this battery - my Grandfathers number was 70291 ) - I know it's not conclusive but it's all I've got. - Would anyone be able to tell me if that Brigade wore a distinctive shoulder title ?

Many thanks Tim
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