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Interesting that someone would pay "a considerable sum" for what I believe is a private purchase tailor's worsted version, however nice.

From the 1906/7 RACD ledgers, and from PVCN 1907, Clothing Regs 1909, 1911 PVCN, 1913 PVCN, 1914 Clothing Regs, and 1915 PVCN the four scout badges [large with bar, large, small with bar, and small] are only described as "brass" or "gilding metal" or "metal". , There were lots of worsted ones around and [tellingly] lots of worsted variations of course. The Gamages demi-official list of c. 1917 has both worsted and brass versions for private purchase.

If any reader has proof of official issue in worsted I would be most grateful to add it to my data base. Until such time, I have logged the above badge as a very nice "not Ordnance" version.
I remain hopeful that someone can demonstrate that a worsted version was official issue. Please.
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