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Default 40 Inf Div

Originally a First World War formation, 40 Inf Div was re-formed in Hong Kong in 1949. Two of its battalions - 1 Middlesex and 1 A&SH together with a "slice" of the Divisional Troops were detached from the 27 Inf Bde of the 40th Inf Div and sent to Korea in August 1950 where they formed the basis (with 32 Aust Inf Bn) of what became known as 27 British Commonwealth Brigade. The British element of 27 British Commonwealth Brigade will probably have continued to wear the bantam cock sign until the formation of 1st Commonwealth Division in July 1951 (and the introduction of its formation sign). Similarly the British 29 Inf Bde which was mobilised in UK in Sep 50 (1 RNF, 1 Gloucesters, 1 RUR) for service in Korea was still wearing the brigade sign (a white ring on a black square) while serving in Korea in late 1950/early 1951.
To my knowledge, brassards have been worn frequently but intermittently in the British Army for the 1940s to 2000s. They provide an easy solution to the problem of wearing signs on forms of dress that are regularly laundered as well as on items of clothing on loan from a central store - such as cold weather parkas etc. But the practice was most widespread in Korea. Members will probably have seen scores of different examples over the years. I wore one - semi officially - bearing the RMA SANDHURST shoulder title and the US 7th Army patch when attached to the US 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment in Germany in 1962.
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