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I was in the Queen's Own Mercian Yeomanry; not to add, but confirm:

Regimental Cap Badge of the standard pattern (Gaunt and Firmin) ;
Squadrons wore individual collar badges, reflecting heritage; A Warwickshire & Worcester, B Staffordshire, C Shropshire.
Buttons were plain.
Shoulder title was QOMY.
An arm badge for NCOs was introduced after I left the Regiment, (the letters QOMY, with the Q as the frame with O, M and Y interlinked within, crown above, red enamelled) but my Sqn Sgt Maj, eventually the RSM, claims he never saw it worn.

We did not/not wear Mercian eagles anywhere except for the cap. Merican eagles were the cap and collar of the Mercian Volunteers, who were NATO roled. We were Home Defence.

The buttons illustrated are of the post-1992 Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry.

The RMLY is now basically B Sqn of the Royal Yeomanry, and call themselves "The Black Country Cavalry". I did point out to one of their NCOs that I could recall when his collar badge, a Bear and Ragged Staff standing on a Stafford Knot, surrounded by a wreath of pear blossom, were individual Squadrons...

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