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Originally Posted by Mercian View Post
I am sure they would all have worn the Wessex Brigade badge like the Mercian Volunteers wore the Mercian Brigade badge.
Maybe some confusion here?

He is talking about the pre-1967 period. That is before the Mercian Volunteers and the Wessex Volunteers were created.

In the 1958 - 1967 period the regular battalions wore brigade cap badges and the TA battalions still wore the regimental cap badges (probably to the chagrin of the regulars).

There were even TA battallions that wore Regimental cap badges that were never used as such by the regulars of the same regiment.
(The 3rd and 4th Battailon, The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment wore a regimental cap badge from 1961 to 1967 while the 1st Battalion wore the cap badge of the Home Counties Brigade)
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