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Originally Posted by grenadierguardsman View Post
I don't know him at all, but what makes you think these have not been put together ? There of the same style as the rest !?
Hi with great respect Andy they are very, different from the othersthat can be seen the construction age an stitching just oooze originality.

Whats going on here is fakers try an replicate the cut off portion of a BD arm and whilst these examples are actually applied to a piece of khaki material then stitched again to the actual B.D arm- you can not stitch a cloth badge to a piece of material and Make it look like its sat there 70 odd years.
The reasoning about these combinations are that they were made up by the unit tailor then issued out to the men to apply them selves or in sum units they were appiled by machine' its said the process was to allow all the insignia to be quicky removed in one easy step before battle I just think it was ease of manufacture by the unit tailor and eased the problem of the soldier not having to give up his battle dress for a few hours in a forward area.
There is' as a side note a recorded incident in Holland 1944 where two dutch women mother an daughter if i remember making up a load of these combinations on the farm house sowing machine in return for the Engineers rebuilding damage to their barn - cow shed by allied artillery .....!
kind regards, Michael

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