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Default Mystery Rhodesian Regt item

I've copied this post from the mystery insignia page in case it had been missed by the African collectors and someone had a photograph of the RR band and bandmasters mace to clarify what it is or has a better idea than the ones already posted.

This a bit of a different "mystery" as I already know the unit and even the maker - I just don't know what it is. The badge is obviously to the Rhodesian Regiment - in heavy cast white metal ( possibly silver ) with a gilt QC - ( I've not seen that combination before ) - it measures 46mm wide x 60mm high.
It was under glass for at least 50 years having been in a frame that hung in the Potters boardroom. Potters were instrument and insignia manufacturers to the British Army since 1810. The frame was put together in the early 1960's and contained examples of military badges that they had produced for various armies. The real mystery is that it's double sided with no obvious fixings. My best guess given it's provenance is that its the top of a bandmasters mace and would have been silver soldered onto it. Unless anyone has a better theory? It's obviously rare, if not unique - and I'll probably be moving it on - happy to give forum members first call on it - my preference would be to exchange it for Gurkha items - if not I'll probably list it on ebay. Tim.
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