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That's good stuff, but 40 Inf Div was disbanded in Hong Kong in April 1952 - so the timelines need a little adjustment.
To further muddy the waters; (From Malcolm Bellis) "In April 1951 HQ 27 Inf Bde (in Hong Kong) became HQ 28 Commonwealth Inf Bde (in Korea). Then a "new 27 Inf Bde was formed in Hong Kong". The latter was still in Hong Kong In April 1953 (1 Dorsets, 1 RUR and 1 Welch). After that the trail is cold. I then ask myself, "If three battalions of 27 Inf Bde wore the version of the sign with red numerals - say 1,800 men each with several OG shirts each with two sleeves, why are this version of the sign so scarce. In collections they seem to be outnumbered by the version with yellow numerals. Perhaps most of them were printed signs which died a lingering death in the dhobi?
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