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I missed this thread, but, what a lovely wing, I was particularly interested by the mention of the two Transvaal Horse Artillery officers as well as the course.

Originally Posted by natal01 View Post
Eddie T lives in an Old Age Home on the Natal South Coast. He has been retired since the 80s, having been an Air Traffic Controller at various SA airports for over 20 years. Prior to that he was a Captain in the Natal Field Artillery and had been part of a rather short-lived experiment to train Artillery Officers how to fly so that they could become effective air observers for the artillery. According to Eddie , who has a remarkably clear memory, the first training course was held at 42 Sqn. starting in 1952. Apart from Eddie, there were 3 ACF artillery officers ( one from 22 Field and 2 from the THA) and 1 PF who rose to the rank of Brigadier. At the end of the course they were awarded a special wing . As far as he knew , their course was the first and last.
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