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Originally Posted by dumdum View Post

Given your obvious interest in tank insignia, I'll try to remember to post a photo of a largish pin-back enamel and silverplate badge that I've had for some years.

Have to dig it out first!

Not being much with languages (struggle with English at times...) but is "ons" possibly "our" in Dutch? We have a place near here called "Ons Dorp" which is, I think, Dutch for "Our Town". Three years of German not entirely wasted, but the German equivalent could be "Unser Dorf".

German/ Dutch/ Afrikaans speaking members please pitch in! I've NOT used Google!
I would translate Ons Dorp in Our Village. Thus yes, in Dutch this is about possession.
The name is however a bit strange, because you would normally not call a place with a name like "Your Town", or "Their City".
In this case "Ons Dorp" is chosen because it is spcialy build for disabled people after a famous TV action that raised money from all over the country. Thus everybody here would see it as the village we raised all together.

But the SA ons is is indeed we are, in Dutch wij zijn. The ons here is not about possession.

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