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Originally Posted by fearnaught View Post
Hi, as mentioned elsewhere I had a bit of a tank fest last Friday, so of course lots of queries. Firstly I obtained a collar badge to my sand cast SATC cap badge. Does any one have a date for these badges? Also with it came the exquisite sweethearts badge, I think it is gold, but the query is, the motto "ons is" is repeated on the other side as "we are" does this ever appear on a badge? And thirdly is it possible to date the Pretoria Reg. badge, this one is gold whereas my others are yellow around the shield, thanks in advance Mike
Hi Mike
Your collection is growing nicely, well done. The Pretoria "badges" are referred to in SA as "Flashes". They are sometimes different as some appear to have been made in different batches. The ones made in the 70's and 80's are often different to the later versions. I am not a boffin on these at all, it is huge collecting area. There are even new ones being produced by the makers of the originals. When the parade uniform of tunics, smart pants etc was largely abolished in the 80's these "flashes" were converted into slip on pliable plastic versions that attached to your epaulets and these versions were commonly known as "Tupperware flashes".

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